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Funding for non-EU undergraduate students at Cambridge

As a non-EU student, finding funding for undergraduate study at Cambridge can be a challenge. Cambridge has a number of nationality specific scholarships, therefore, the first place to look for scholarships that you are eligible for is on Cambridge Trust. Key in the course, the college you apply to, and your nationality to shortlist the eligible scholarships.

There is 1 scholarship scheme, Cambridge Trust Undergraduate Scholarship, that is university-wide, for any subject, and any nationality. This article provides some information about the scholarship.

Amount awarded
While you cannot find the amount of funding specified on the website, the common amount awarded is £8000 per annum for the entire duration of your degree.

You can only apply for this scholarship after getting an offer, and can only do so upon reference from the college that offers you a place. My understanding, however, is that every non-EU undergraduate offer holder will be invited to apply for the scholarship.

Application Process and Selection Criteria
You have to write a short personal statement on why the funding will help with your study and provide proof of financial need (usually bank statements)
Awards are given on the basis of merit and financial needs. It is unclear how merit is assessed (whether it is by the college based on your admission materials, exam scores, interview performances, or something else). However, if you are pooled, do not feel that that might affect your chance of getting the scholarship. If you are in need of funding, it is definitely worth applying because the application process is really easy.

My experience
I am from Vietnam. I earned my A level in Singapore and applied to do HSPS.
About 2 weeks after receiving my offer, my college emailed me an invitation to apply for the Cambridge Trust Scholarship (end of January). You are reminded to only apply in the case of financial shortfall. The form is relatively straightforward and asks for the above-mentioned criteria.
The Trust informed me that my application was successful at the end of April.
To get a sense of the number of Trust Scholarship awarded to undergraduates, you can visit the list of scholars here.

In addition to Cambridge Trust Scholarship, there is also the Amy Li Cambridge Scholarship that is available to applicants for undergraduate studies (BA) in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or Chemical Engineering. The amount awarded is £16,000 per annum for the entire duration of the degree. Application process and selection criteria are similar to Cambridge Trust Scholarship.

Duy Le, 11 Mar 2017