Project Access is an international social enterprise that fights inequality in higher education by widening access to top universities. We help underprivileged students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities – for students, by students and forever free of charge.

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Mentoring Platform User FAQ

For Mentors and Applicants

Our one-stop digital platform is designed for prospective members to sign up for Project Access programmes, and to engage with their paired mentees/mentors throughout the duration of their mentorship to achieve the goal of effective guidance for college application. 

How can I get an account

How/why do I need to fill in the dossier?

When and how will I get a mentor?

When and how will I get a mentee?

How does the pairing work?

Can I sign up as both a mentee and a mentor?

Can I change or update my dossier response?

How can I get an account? 

To create an account, follow this link to access a mentorship sign-up page and fill in your basic contact details.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 7.00.49 PM.png

Signup page preview



How / Why do I need to fill in the dossier?

After filling in your contact details, you will be asked a series of questions on your background, education, intended course of study, etc. These questions able us to find out more about you, then pair you with a mentee/mentor with similar academic interest or experiences. Your response will be captured and made viewable to the system admins and your prospective mentors/mentees. Remember to be as honest and detailed as possible to help us with this process.

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Dossier questionnaire preview



When and how will I get a mentor?

After you have completed your registration on Together, your information will be sent to a mentor for approval. Upon approval, you will receive an introduction mail with his or her personal and contact details. You will then need to write an email to your mentor to schedule your first call. Instructions on scheduling the first call can be found below. The whole process takes approximately two weeks, you can contact us for help if you do not get a mentor by then.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 9.11.06 AM.png

Mentorship pairing email preview

(for mentees)



When and how will I get a mentee?

After you have confirmed your registration as a mentor, your information (i.e. your school and course, etc. ) will be stored in our system. When a compatible match is made based on this information, you will receive an Email regarding “Do you want to be a mentor for xxx”. You will then need to reject or accept the match within 48 hours. (picture below) If you reject the match, a new match will be made. If you accept the match, your mentee will receive an automated introduction email from you.

After approving your match, look out for the invitation to your first call with your mentee which marks the beginning of your mentorship.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 6.58.44 PM.png

Mentee confirmation email preview (for mentors)



How does the pairing work?

The mentors and mentees are grouped in country-specific and degree-specific programs (e.g. UK Undergraduate, Poland Postgraduate etc.). Primarily, the matching algorithm takes into account the subject of study and the type of university. Other factors include things like ethnicity, gender and extra-curricular interest.  .



Can I sign up as both a mentee and a mentor?

Yes – You can apply to be a mentor as long as you have already enrolled at the university you want to mentor for. Nonetheless, within the same registration, you can only indicate interest as a mentor OR a mentee. If you want take up an additional role, you can register on Together again with a different email address of yours and select the relevant mentee/mentor option. 

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Mentee/Mentor option preview



Can I change or update my dossier response?

Yes – you can change your responses in the dossier by clicking on ‘edit profiler’ in your user homepage.

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Edit profile preview


If you don’t hear back from us two weeks after your registration, please contact us via the All-purpose Contact Form below.