Through our peer-to-peer mentorship programme, we match talented applicants with current students at the world’s best universities. Our mentors provide applicants with information, application feedback and support throughout the application process. Some mentors also deliver workshops and talks at schools and talent networks around the world. Last year, 71% of our applicants were accepted into one of their three top choice universities. Receiving a mentor is completely free of charge for applicants.

Our core principles

Project Access’ interventions are based on two core principles: 


First, because the problem affects thousands of people each year, our solution must be able to tackle it in a scalable way. We know that our mentors’ time is limited, so we do everything we can to design interventions alongside it that help applicants get up to speed on the basics of the application process. To do this, we’ve designed an online application Journey, which sends tailored information about the next steps every month. We also have a Curriculum with all the content on the application process in one place and a Knowledge Base for frequently asked questions . Our tools are designed for students who have been raised with technology in all areas of their lives. These tools are user-friendly, effective and intuitive.


Second, we are solution-agnostic and constantly seek out areas of improvement by making use of rigorous impact evaluations and an impressive academic advisory board. We want to design interventions that work. This is why we have teamed up with leading researchers in the access sphere. Our Research Team is constantly evaluating  both the design and the impact of our interventions.

Applicants first

Regardless of who we work with, we will always strive to put the applicants’ interests first. This means encouraging applicants to stay true to their hopes and dreams regardless of who funds our work. It also means carefully evaluating which opportunities to promote, how we design our programmes, and how we can make the biggest difference.

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Academic Advisory Board

Our approach to research

We continuously assess and evaluate our interventions based on the newest academic research, our own data analysis and the feedback we receive from the thousands of students that have engaged with our interventions.

Our Research Team is comprised of dedicated students at leading universities with educational backgrounds in Education Studies, Statistics, and Economics and are ranging from BSc to PhD students. 


Researcher, Pola Orlowska

If you're interested in hearing more about our research or maybe even join  team, feel free to reach out to one of our Research Team members, Pola!