Catriona Bell

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Catriona is a sophomore at Brown University pursuing a degree in chemical engineering. She became involved in Project Access to not only provide mentorship to high school students, but for the opportunity to meet extremely passionate and hardworking people from all over the world, and create a community in which we all share the same values and are striving towards the same goal.

As well as through Project Access, Catriona is a peer mentor for Women in Science and Engineering, an organisation that aims to support women within the field of engineering. Her other passion lies in sustainability, particularly the food industry and its impact on the environment. She currently serve as the President of the Sustainable Food Initiative at Brown, which aims to promote more environmentally and socially sustainable food systems on campus, in the community, and the region. She’s also a member of Brown’s club cross country team and have competed both on a regional and national level.

In Project Access, Catriona leads the efforts within marketing, defining our global strategy together with a strong team of students, while supporting our country teams of growing their outreach channels.

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