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We’re committed to increase access to top-universities for all kinds of untraditional students. If you’re from a refugee or asylum-seeking background, we’d love to help you too!

We’re currently looking for founding team members to join PA4Refugees - we’re particularly looking for current students at our target universities with refugee/asylum backgrounds or students who’ve worked with refugees or asylum seekers before.

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What we do 📚

We’ll pair you with a mentor at your dream university, who can help you through the entire process: from thinking about uni and all the way until your first day.

Your mentor will be a student at your dream university studying a degree that is similar to the one you’d like to apply for. We also try to match you with a mentor from a background similar to yours - so with a refugee background, and maybe even from your country.

All for free. Of course.

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Who we help 😊

We’re committed to help applicants from all kinds of refugee backgrounds. Whether you’re living in a host country, in a refugee camp or are on the move, we’d love you on our program.

This includes if you’re from an area of instability or zone of conflict or are, or have been, at risk of discrimination, persecution, suffering, violence or other abuse of their human rights.

Our main screening criteria is whether you could easily get help from another source - we want to help those who currently don’t have access to help


Who we are 👋

PA4Refugees was founded in close collaboration with awesome students from the Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign.

We work closely together with them and other refugee organisations to provide the best possible help.

Project Access consists of more than 200 student volunteers who are united by a commitment to create impact and an entrepreneurial drive. We’re active in more than 20 countries around the world and our network has more than 3,300 mentors

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The Scholarship 💰

The Rowen Williams Cambridge Studentship has been established to support students from areas of instability or zones of conflict who face severe barriers in coming to study in Cambridge.

More info and eligibility criteria here

Our mentors will help you apply for the Scholarship as well, if you’re eligible.

There’s a number of other scholarships available for refugees. Check STAR’s list here!


🙌 Sign up for the mentoring program 🙌

To sign up and get a mentor, simply click the button below and fill in the application form.

If we’re already doing work in your country or region, you’re of course welcome to just apply to get a mentor through the relevant international team. Check that here! :)

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