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About Us

Project Access Malaysia was founded in October 2018 by Malaysian students in the UK. With the aim of getting high potential students into top universities worldwide, we link current Malaysians at top universities with potential applicants via Project Access’ mentorship platform. Students in Malaysia, especially outside of major cities lack information on getting into top universities due to these main reasons: financial issues, lack of information and lack of networks in top universities. If you are a current SPM student or Pre-U student thinking of pursuing your studies abroad, sign up to be a mentee!

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Meet the team


Jurleo Jurit

Co-Head, Malaysia

Politics, King’s College London


Hajar Nur Asyiqin

Co-Head, Malaysia

Chemistry, Imperial College London


Brendan Beh

Outreach and Publicity

Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge


Adam Faliq

Outreach and Publicity

Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University College London

For mentors

If you are a current Malaysian student studying at a top university and you are passionate in helping others get into their dream university, sign up to become a mentor through the “Become a Mentor” link above! After all, you were in their shoes not too long ago.

What becoming a Project Access mentor entails:

  • You will be paired up with a bright Malaysian potential applicant and you will spend approximately 2 hours a month helping them in a journey to apply to universities

  • You will be a part of an innovative, dynamic and supportive network of thousands of other mentors and members in Project Access International

  • Access to exclusive and handy training sessions and networking events within the Project Access network

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

For applicants

If you are a current Malaysian student who is thinking of applying to top universities worldwide, Project Access Malaysia can guide you through the process. Upon successful registration, you will be matched with a mentor who has undergone a similar journey as you will be and they will help you to get a place in your dream university. As a mentee, you will expect to gain first-hand experiences from a current university student, guidance in drafting personal statements and application essays and help with your university interview. And best of all, our service is completely free of charge.

As we are committed to providing equitable access to top universities worldwide, Project Access Malaysia will give priority to applicants who match the following criteria, based on a descending order:

  • Scored a minimum of 5As (excluding A-) on their most recent semester examinations, with English being one of the subjects

  • Went to a non-selective, non-residential secondary school. However we will consider applications from selective, residential schools (SBP, MRSM, etc.) if spaces are available

  • Household income in the B40 and M40 category

  • Based outside of the Klang Valley

  • Potential first-generation university students (i.e. your parent(s) did not receive tertiary education)


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