Year 11 Mentor Resources

Here you’ll find material to support you for your Year 11 mentee! Please feel free to email if there is are any further resources you would like for your mentee.

+ A Level Choices

  1. Journey Module
  2. [Trinity College Cambridge's Preferred A-Level Subject Combinations] ( "Title").
  3. Subject Page for Cambridge Courses -
  4. Subject Page for Oxford Courses -
  5. Subject Page for Durham Courses -
  6. Subject Page for Imperial College London Courses -
  7. Subject Page for Kings College London Courses -
  8. Subject Page for University College London Courses -
  9. Russell Group's Informed Choices Document -
  10. A Level Advice from Which?University -
  11. UCAS Tips on Choosing A Levels -
  12. The Guardian's Advice for Choosing A Levels -

+ Engaging with Your Favourite Subjects Outside of School

  1. Journey Module
  2. Recommended Reading for Various Subjects by King's College at Cambridge -
  3. Recommended Reading for Various Subjects by Churchill College at Cambridge -
  4. Recommended Reading for Various Subjects by Oxford -
  5. Potential ways to engage with a subject by King's College Cambridge, including masterclasses, Sutton Trust summer schools, and open lectures -

We would recommend that you advise and help your mentee find relevant materials to broaden their interests in regards to subjects they are interested in. There are open lectures and master classes that your mentee should be able to attend, as well as online courses and podcasts. For more, see the resource page dedicated to mock interviews and personal statements.

+ Being the First in Your Family to Go to University

  1. Journey Module
  2. A Guardian article on the experiences of First Generation Students (this could be useful in understanding and combating the concerns of your mentee) -
  3. Very Well Family Article on the Challenges First Generation Students Face -

+ Study Methods

  1. Journey Module
  2. Study Methods from Memory Improvement Tips -
  3. Document on Developing Effective Studying Tips - (NB this one is from an actual school though the document doesn't mention it)
  4. Discussion of Common Studying Methods and Their Effectiveness -

+ Discovering What You Are Most Interested In

  1. Journey Module
  2. Advice from What Uni on Picking Courses -
  3. 20 Tips from Students Collected by the Guardian -
  4. Advice from Which? University on Subject Choices -