Year 11 Mentor Resources

Here you’ll find material to support Year 11 mentees! Please feel free to email if there are any further resources you would like for your mentee.

Please note that if you use any of our Journey modules to support your mentee, please do not give them the links that are listed on these pages. Instead, ask them to sign up to the Journey as a mentee, and they will receive these links themselves. Thank you!


+ A Level Choices

+ Engaging with Your Mentee's Favourite Subjects Outside of School

We would recommend that you advise and help your mentee find relevant materials to broaden their interests in regards to subjects they are interested in. There are open lectures and master classes that your mentee should be able to attend, as well as online courses and podcasts. For more, see the resource page dedicated to mock interviews and personal statements.

+ Being the First in Their Family to Go to University

+ Study Methods

+ Discovering What Your Mentee is Most Interested In