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What is Project Access?

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We’re building the world’s most entrepreneurial non-profit startup to unlock top-universities for underprivileged students

Learning potential is equally distributed - but access to top-universities is not.
We want to do something about that.

Launched in 2016, Project Access is a global non-profit startup with activities in more than 20 countries. Through a tech-enabled mentoring program, we help international students from underprivileged backgrounds build the confidence to apply to a top-university, support them during their application and prepare them for their first day.

To date, we’ve helped more than 2,500 applicants from all over the world apply to the UK’s 8 best universities - more than 50% got an offer from their top 3 university. Our mentor base consists of more than 3,500 top-university students and our startup is powered by 8 employees and 205 entrepreneurial volunteer team members. Since our launch, we’ve raised more than $300,000 through grants, donations and revenue.

We are now ready to take on the inequalities in US admissions.

Do you have what it takes to join us?

At what schools are you launching PA Campus Teams?

We will be at 12 top schools in the US before 2020, but at this time we’re focusing on the East Coast

You can join us as a Founding Campus Team Member if you’re currently studying at the following unis:

All current open roles are volunteer roles :)
Our current focus is to help international students apply. We aim to start working with domestic US students later this year.

What will I get out of joining as a Founding Campus Team Member?

This is an unprecedented opportunity to have a postive impact on the future of bright underprivileged applicants, whilst joining one of the world’s most entrepreneurial organisations.

We will train you in skills ranging from leadership to public speaking, give you real work and real feedback, set high expectations - and expect you to do the same.

Joining Project Access US means joining our global community of more than 200 team members based at top-universities around the world and an alumni base working at the world’s leading organisations.

Where our alumni often go on to work:


How do I apply?

Simply submit the form below here!

The interview

Successful candidates will be invited for an informal 45 minute interview.

At the interview, we will test you on your problem-solving skills, your understanding of the access problem and your drive to create meaningful impact in the space. We’re not that stiff - so don’t worry, it’ll be fun!

We’re a friendly bunch with high expectations to each other. 💪

Open roles

Intro: our US Campus Teams

Do you want to volunteer in a fast-paced start-up environment while creatingmeaningful impact in the access sphere? Then joining one of our US Campus Teams might be the place for you!

Our Campus Teams create communities ofdriven access heroes such as our mentors across our seven target campuses. They recruit and train our mentors, strengthen the Project Access communityon campus, and build up new relationships with students and staff at their universities.

Our campus team members also collaborate extensively with our more than 20 Project Access Country Teams around the world on recruiting mentors and ensuring the best possible relationship between mentors and mentees. The campus teams are essential in ensuring that all of our mentees receive the best quality guidance in their application process. Being part of a campusteam provides you with a community of like-minded students and give you an opportunity to have a huge impact on the next class of international students at your university.

Campus Director

As the Director of your local Campus Team, your role will include leading yourcampus team in recruitment of mentors while collaborating with the 6 other Campus Directorsand the U.S. Executive team to define and execute on our overall recruiting and community strategy, as well as building new relation-ships with students and staff at your campus. You’ll be trained in how to become a fantastic leader embracing diversity whilst delivering impact through leading your team.

Still open at: Princeton and MIT

Campus Team Member

Our campus team members help the Director in recruiting and training our mentors, creating exciting events around access to education and socials for our team members, and partnering with the university or corporate partners in the local area. Below are some key roles and responsibilities our campus team members might take on:

Still open at: All campuses

Head of Mentor Recruitment & Engagement

As Head of Mentor Engagement for your Campus Team, you will be responsible for mentor training at your campus, strategy development related to the improvement of mentor engagement on your campus and across the U.S., and meetings and events for your team members and mentors. You will work closely with our Country Teams around the world

Still open at: MIT, Princeton and Yale

Head of Marketing

As Head of Marketing for your Campus Team, you will be responsible for working with the Global Marketing Team of Project Access on expanding the outreach on your campus, creating marketing materials, and maintaining and developing PA’s brand identity

Still open at: MIT, Princeton and Yale

Head of Partnerships

In the role as Head of Partnerships you will be working to make the U.S. Team financially sustainable, which could mean raising funds from pitch-competi-tions, corporate or private donors and developing partnerships with your uni-versity and its alumni

Still open at: MIT, Harvard, Princeton and Yale

Feel free to apply if you don’t see a role that fits your skills or interests – we might be able to find a place for you anyways!

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