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Project Access USA works in collaboration with the rest of the Project Access International organization to increase access to the best universities in the United States (US). Our services are entirely free because we believe that everyone, regardless of their financial background, should have equal opportunities to pursue their desired path. We mainly operate to connect international high school students with college mentors, current students at the top universities in the US, who personally lead their students through the complexities of the application process.


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Go to FIND YOUR MENTOR tab to complete the available  form. We will try as best as possible to match you with a mentor who studies at your desired university and from your origin country.


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Go to BECOME A MENTOR  tab to read more about what means to be a Project Access mentor and how to get involved.


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Beginning this past spring 2019, we have had the honor of collaborating with the Wharton Global Research and Consulting Undergraduate Group at the University of Pennsylvania. One of the biggest and most successful student consultancy groups both at Wharton, as well within the Ivy League, together, we are currently focused on creating both dynamic as well as scalable solutions for the U.S expansion of Project Access.


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