Henning Zschietzschmann

Henning Project Access.jpg

In his role as Director of Mentor Engagement, Henning is changing the value proposition for our mentors. He’s working to make PA a place, which connects awesome people all around the globe and gives them something in return for the amazing work they do.

Originally from Berlin, Germany, he is an undergraduate student in Economics and Management at the University of Oxford. Henning has gained experience as spring intern at JPMorgan and summer intern at UBS. Furthermore, he has previously had involvement in the education sector during a half-year consulting project for a large Belgian PE fund revolving around private tertiary education in Europe and North America.

During his time at university he was chairman of the Oxford Student Foundation and engaged in consulting projects with the global student think-tank ShARE. Henning loves doing all kinds of sports as a little counterweight to university and society work – that includes winter sports, boxing and climbing as well as playing football and rugby for college.

Catch him on LinkedIn or at henning@projectaccess.co