Bootcamp 2018

Project Access Denmark & Sweden 

Are you a high-school student in Denmark or Sweden? Are you interested in applying to university in the UK or US? Look no further! Team Denmark and Team Sweden are hosting a bootcamp that will give you the skills you need to succeed. Join us for a weekend in Malmö with workshops on aptitude tests, interviews, financing your education and more! 

Key Information 

Who? Around 30 high-school students from Denmark and Sweden that want to pursue an undergraduate degree in the UK or the US

When? Friday, August 24th to Saturday, August 26th 2018 

Where? Malmö. The specific times and location will be made available to successful applicants closer to the date of the bootcamp. 

What? A Friday evening to Sunday noon weekend of workshops that will provide applicants essential skills for their applications. The workshops will be led by Danish and Swedish Project Access mentors currently at university. 

Does this sound like something for you? Apply below by June 30th, 2018 after which we will notify you of the success of your application. 

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