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“Students from junior colleges and polytechnics … under-represented in top British and American universities now have a network of mentors to help them get into such institutions.”
- Straits Times, 12 June 2016

We are an award-winning international non-profit organisation founded by Singaporean students studying in the United Kingdom. We aim to help less-privileged and underrepresented youths in Singapore gain entry into top British and American universities. We officially launched in Singapore in June 2016 and have been featured by the Straits Times.

Access to top higher education institutions in Singapore still remains deeply unequal. Higher-income students are heavily overrepresented at these institutions, and lower-income students less well-represented due to a range of structural barriers. Access to application help and networks is one key barrier, and Project Access Singapore aims to tackle this. Through an award-winning mentorship system, we aim to provide our mentees with tailored assistance and close attention from mentors. Our mentors hail from a range of pre-university backgrounds and degree backgrounds, spanning Psychology, English Literature, Law and Geography. Since 2016, we have helped over 100 Singaporean youths with their journey into higher education.

How We Work

We provide assistance to pre-university students on their applications for universities and scholarships completely free of charge.

Our mentorship programme will match pre-university mentees according to a few factors to find the best possible match. In all cases, we strive as far as possible to match mentees with someone studying a similar degree course or with a similar background.

Our mentors will guide you through the application processes for your target universities or even scholarships, whatever they may involve - whether this be interviews, personal statements, and essays. Most importantly, they will give you encouragement for those times when applying to universities seems too daunting.

To get started, simply sign up to be a mentee online here. The process is painless and fuss-free. The pace for mentorship will be set by you; you can contact your mentor as often or infrequently as you like.

Upcoming Events

We will be organising a series of application workshops for components such as personal statements and interviews in Summer 2019 at various pre-university institutions in Singapore. More details will be coming soon on our Facebook page.

If you would like us to organise an event at your institution about access to higher education institutes, please contact Lucian at We organise our events completely free-of-charge.

Join Us

As a mentee: sign up here.

As a mentor: sign up here.

As a member of our Country Team: we advertise openings for positions on our teams throughout the year on our Facebook page. Applications involve filling out a quick form, followed by an interview.

As a partner: please contact one of our Partnerships Officer (contact details above).

Students’ Stories

Selina, now at Harvard:
January 2018
"My mentor gave really incisive feedback on my common application essay and also gave first-hand insight into US college life from the perspective of an international. A big thank you!"

Jun Yang, now at Oxford:
October 2018
”My Project Access mentor supported and guided me through every step of the application process, from reviewing my personal statement to helping me prepare for the daunting interviews. Thank you Liang Kun for your tireless and patience guidance throughout my application process. I would not have been able to get the offer without your help and support!”

Get in touch

Want to give feedback, messages of appreciation, or inquire more about what we do? Message us on our Facebook page or get in touch with Lucian at

Useful Resources

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- Knowledge Base: information on applications, Oxbridge, and student life
- Curriculum: comprehensive information on crafting applications to universities