Founding Head of Country


Are you passionate about the PA mission? Would you be an amazing team leader? Do you have the entrepreneurial drive, the time and the problem-solving skills needed? Then we'd love you to join us in founding our next PA Country Team! 

Since our founding in 2016, we have been fighting the massive inequalities in access to top universities in the UK and US with our mentorship-intervention, which combines the power of tech with the power of people.

Our Country Teams are the core of this work. They are responsible for recruitment of both mentors and mentees, for engagement and matching of mentors and mentees, for in-country fundraising, for talks at schools, for webinars, and for a lot of other amazing initiatives our innovative Heads of Countries have created with their teams over the past months. 

It is evident that there's a massive problem to solve in our space. And it's not an easy one to solve. Nor is it the same problem for all countries. The first thing we ask a potential Head of Country to do is therefore to define the problem in her/his respective country and propose some of the solutions applicable to the problem.

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What we expect from a new Head of Country:
- Passionate, professional and friendly leadership of our country teams
- A strong entrepreneurial drive and an eye for the startup approach we have taken in the access sphere
- A passion for helping us solve this problem and a mindset geared towards making sure that we find and help the right students
- 5-7 effective hours per week

In return, you can expect startup funding, bi-weekly mentoring, access to our global Leadership Summits, demanding and challenging work - and an opportunity to become part of a cool and friendly bunch of entrepreneurial students with experience from some of the coolest companies in the world!

All roles in our country teams are unpaid. Questions are more than welcome to President of Mentorship, Emil Bender Lassen, on

Apply here! 🚀 

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