Research Officer

Project Access uses technological innovation to address inequalities that exist in the admissions to top universities. Research allows us to gain deeper insight into the access issue and for us to better understand our own organisational ecosystem.

As a Research Officer, you will be part of a fast-paced new team which will spearhead Project Access’s research efforts by looking into key issues such as measuring our impact, improving our interventions, and understanding the demographics of our target population.

You will work closely with the Head of Research to plan and carry out research projects. You will be involved in, inter alia: 

·     Determining the goals, parameters, variables, and methods of PA’s research projects.

·     Identifying, interpreting, and analysing research data (quantitative and/or qualitative)

·     Conducting desktop research for topics like inequality, educational access, and social innovation.

·     Producing research outputs, such as reports and presentations for PA and its stakeholders.

·     Working closely with other teams to manage working relationships and timely deliverables.

We don’t require you to have a specific educational or vocational background, but the ideal candidate would have:

·     … a passion for understanding and research education access,

·     … an innovative approach to problem solving,

·     … a good work ethic, open-mindedness, and a strong sense of responsibility,

·     … a clear and direct approach to communication,

·     … some previous experience with research (in university or elsewhere).


This is a fantastic opportunity to work on something meaningful alongside your studies and to develop important skills that your dream employer will recognise!

In the Application Form, please upload a short essay on the following question in order for your application to be valid: 

·     Non-profit organisations like Project Access need a clear idea of the nature of their impact. Using no more than 300 words, explain how would you define impact, and what metrics would you use to understand and measure it?

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Lucian Lee at