Our Solution
We aim to give under-privileged students access to information and support that their more affluent peers already receive. We do this through cost-efficient, high-impact initiatives, using the insights we've gained by helping over 1,900 students apply to top universities.

Mentor Network

Through Project Access’ global peer-to-peer mentor network, we match talented applicants with current students at the world’s best universities. Our mentors provide applicants with information, application feedback and support throughout the application process. Some mentors even go beyond this, and act as role models for high school students in their own country or community by giving talks and doing outreach workshops. Receiving a mentor is completely free of charge for applicants.

"Sara was one of the most important people for me while writing my application. She offered more encouragement and support than I could have imagined" - Hannah, Sweden

Meet our mentors


On-Campus Support

We are setting up on-campus chapters at our target universities to help you make the transition to university upon arrival. If your mentor is at the university you end up going to, you can even meet up with them in person when you get there! 

We work with student organisations, university staff and current students to host pre-arrival webinars and keep in touch with our applicants from orientation to graduation!


Online Curriculum

Explore our online curriculum – the one-stop information platform that has all the information you need to start working on your application. We have created and collected the best advice on everything from choosing the right university, navigating your new life in college, acing admissions tests, writing your essays and personal statements, and figuring out financial aid.

All of it has been created by students at some of the world’s leading universities.


The Journey

In 2018 we're trialling a new UK initiative, providing over 1,000 applicants with bespoke information and advice to help them make the best decisions possible in their applications. Click the picture below to see a module for our friend Mark, a prospective STEM applicant about to write his personal statement:


We provide students with the support they need, when they need it

There is a lot of information about applying to university out there. In fact, there is too much. Our estimate is that an applicant would have to plow through the equivalent of 700 pages of information about the application process to make an informed decision.

Unless, that is, someone does it for them - so that’s what we have done. We've developed a system that sends applicants information that is both timely and tailored to them.

Timing is key

Through our experience of supporting over 1,800 applicants we've identified key moments in the application journey when having the right information is crucial.

By focussing on providing support at these crucial moments we have developed a highly cost-effective, high-impact way of supporting students. 

Unique content

All applications are different and require different support in their applications. The material we provide is bespoke to each student based on university choices, course preference and background. It covers a great range; from template email drafts to send when applying for work experience to the most important considerations when choosing A-levels. 

This material, along with the mentorship approach, ensures that all applicants are equipped with both digestible information and personal coaching for the full duration of the application process.  


Where we help students go

Who we serve

Project Access serves high-achieving, non-traditional, passionate students!


We target students with competitive academic qualifications towards top universities. In some countries we have official requirements. In other countries, we also rely on local partners in addition to academic qualifications. In Denmark, for example, we work with the Academy for Talented Youth to identify applicants.


As conditions vary in the countries we work, our national teams identify selection criteria for applicants.


We believe that passion and potential should define your future! That’s why Project Access is committed to be forever free of charge. While we do have criteria for the underserved students who are eligible to be matched with a mentor, anyone – regardless of background or academic qualifications – can access our Curriculum or sign up to our newsletter, for free, from anywhere in the world.