Project Access is an international social enterprise that fights inequality in higher education by widening access to top universities. We help underprivileged students apply for, gain admission to and succeed at top universities – for students, by students and forever free of charge.

The Project Access Operations Team

Innovating our services and organisation.

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Operations means continuously improving our users’ experience.

Alexander, Director of Operations

At Project Access, our most important value is created when the people whom we help - our applicants - are successful with their applications to top universities. This is a challenging endeavour, requiring the perfect delivery of content, training, and mentoring in and individualised manner - to the right applicant, at the right time.

The operations team provides this value by continuously, adaptively and iteratively improving both our user’s experience and our organisation itself - including our business software, processes, task flows and organisational structure.

On this page, you can find out about

  • what we do,

  • who we are,

  • our upcoming events and

  • how to join us.


2 Faces of Operations

Our team consists of two largely independent teams that have their own team leader, who acts in the role of a product owner.

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Join the Operations Team

Develop a multinational organisation, both structurally and technologically.

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At the frontier of tech, innovation and digitisation.

Robin, Head of Product

Our work is always challenging and highly rewarding. We create immediate impact for applicants and mentors, pursuing constant quality and efficiency improvements.

If you think you can combine both abstract, conceptual thinking with a hands-on attitude, the operations team might be the perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills and contribute to our cause.



The operations team is the perfect place for you to

  • get experience at organising and running an international organisation with ca. 200 active members and more than 25 active country teams across the globe

  • manage the complexity of a large number of stakeholders and requirements in a challenging tech-product development context

  • acquire Agile project management skills

  • gain leadership- and teamwork experience

  • develop skills particularly relevant for the management- and tech consulting industry

… and to contribute to project access’ ambitious strategy of helping more applicants access top universities than ever before at an unprecedented level of quality.


We generally collaborate on all tasks as teams. When you apply, we will determine in a series of application stages which team you’re most suited for and where you see the greatest potential of personal development for yourself. Once we find an option that suits both you and us, the work you do will vary according to the projects the team is currently working on. This guarantees that

  • you will gain experience and skills by working on a variety of tasks

  • you will get more responsibility as your knowledge of the organisation and our methods of working increases

  • you will get regular feedback both formally and informally to support your personal development goals

We’re happy to provide more detailed information upon application - just send us an email once we’ve confirmed the receipt of your CV (see below).


The application process consists of three stages:


To apply, please send an Email with your CV to

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Applicant Success Day 2019

Setting the agenda for our applicant success team.


Prioritising our users’ needs.

Open both to internal and external participants

Providing the best possible service to our users requires that we really think things through - together with our users, key stakeholders and team members from around the globe.

This is why we invite both those who are already part of project access teams as well as mentors, mentees, applicants and whoever else is interested to participate in our one-day user story creation workshop.

Why participate?

  1. You will affect how project access feels, looks and works like in the future.

  2. You will receive training in agile product development methods, values and principles.

  3. You identify the pressing issues for product development, ensure we keep a holistic perspective and prioritise our immediate action points.

What will happen?

We will have a full-day workshop, where you’ll get an update on the most recent product developments, training in running the current system and training in agile product management principles. This will ensure we have a shared understanding of methods, ideas and the status quo. After having dinner, we will then proceed to identifying the key opportunities for developing the product, clustered around these topics:

  • Online Learning, Journey & Knowledge

  • Feedback, Statistics & Research

  • User Service & Help Hub

  • Corporate Partnership Support & Funding

  • U.S.-Readiness

  • t.b.c.

These opportunities will then be ranked in accordance with priority status. The 18 most highly prioritised user stories will then be written and spelt out in detail, presented and challenged by the large group and then, in turn, prioritised again. The 12 remaining user stories will then be clustered in epics and prepared for an implementation timeline.

Here’s the Agenda:


When & Where?

  • Saturday, 6th April 2019

  • somewhere in London

Register Now

Both team members and external participants can register here. Your registration does not guarantee admittance to the event. We might require further documentation, such as CVs, from external registrants.