The Journey

The Journey is a digital tour guide for applying to undergraduate programmes at top UK universities. This is how it works: every few weeks the applicant receives a module with our top tips and exercises. The applicants receive the modules when they need them, and they have plenty of time to complete everything!

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You will begin to receive modules 2.5 years before you expect to enrol at university; however, you can sign up at any time you wish!

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The Concept

Applying to university can be overwhelming. We understand that. There is so much information online: in fact, our estimate is that a student would have to read through 700 pages about the application process to make an informed decision. That is why we have broken down the application process into a series of modules so you are always prepared and have the right information at the right time!

The Journey is your digital tour guide for applying to top UK universities. You receive a module every few weeks with our top tips and exercises that you need at that point of time. Is it time to apply for summer experiences? You got it. Wondering what the main differences are between the top UK universities? It’s in there too. What about writing a personal statement? We got you covered - in fact, through several modules.

In total, you can look forward to around 45 modules spanning over the last three years before university, and can sign up anytime you want. By following the Journey, you will have all the tools needed to craft an excellent application to university!

For all of you curious ones out there, click here to get a little taster of what a module could look like.


The Story Behind It

The Journey was originally designed based on a study by the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), a UK organisation aiming to apply behavioural economics and psychology to improve government policy. One of the problems that the BIT has focused on, which resonates with the Project Access cause, is that students from less privileged backgrounds are less likely to apply to university, and, when they do, they apply to less selective universities than their more advantaged peers with the same grades or ability.

To address this problem, the BIT conducted an experiment, where they sent out letters to less privileged students with good grades. The letters addressed some of the commonly-held worries about applying to university and provided useful links and encouragement to the students. Importantly, the letters to the high school students where sent from university students with similar backgrounds.

The study showed that a subtle push, or ‘nudge’, as simple as sending a letter or two to high school students from less advantaged backgrounds could increase the likelihood of the students to apply to (top) universities. This is an important result, and what has inspired us to create the Journey: a series of encouraging, personalised, and informative modules sent out to students from less privileged backgrounds in a timely manner.

Since beginning the initial work on the Journey in 2016, we have been in talks with the BIT to further develop the product

Pictured:  Eliza Kozman.  Part of the Project Access Academic Advisory board.  Associate Advisor  in the UK Governmental Behavioural Insights Team, and one of the authors of the mentioned study.

Pictured: Eliza Kozman.

Part of the Project Access Academic Advisory board. Associate Advisor in the UK Governmental Behavioural Insights Team, and one of the authors of the mentioned study.


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