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Jamie's Story

How  did you decide what to study at university?

I have always been very interested in all sciences, driven by a curiosity for how things work. During school I already knew that I wanted to pursue a researcher career path. However, I could not decide which exact discipline I wanted to specialise in. Further, I knew that I was doing very well at school and wanted to study at a university that would challenge me and help fully develop my potential. Luckily Cambridge allows for you to choose between courses in your undergraduate Natural science degree, giving me the challenge (and oh boy, it challenges) and diversity I was looking for.

What's it like studying at Cambridge?

I came to Cambridge not really knowing what to expect. But just minutes after arriving I started feeling the dream that it is. Cambridge is a gathering space for so many fantastic and intellectual people, that you find friends from all over the world and different backgrounds. I also love my course, I would never believed just how much one can learn in an 8 week term. Finally, Cambridge life is not just your actual studies but a vast number of societies and sport clubs await, as does a vibrant college community. Between lectures, labs, sports and friends, there is never a dull moment and I think that's what makes this place truly special.

- Jamie from Austria, studying chemistry at Cambridge

Johanna's Story

How have you found studying at King's College London?

King's is very international, both in terms of students and staff, which was an important criteria for me, and I feel as though King's has absolutely exceeded my expectations. However, university as such is different from highschool, ranging from things such as not living at home anymore to a different type of learning and other expectations. These things took a while to get used to, but King's was a great support. There are countless social, sports and academic events providing a multitude of opportunities to take advantage of, which may seem overwhelming as such but is a great help to create a feeling of belonging. 

- Johanna from Sweden, studying PPE at King's College London