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Hubiba's Story

Tell us about yourself!

Hey there! I am Hubiba. I come from Kashmir and spent most of my teenage years there. I did my high school and undergrad from New Delhi. Although a lot of my interests have changed one the years but the love of reading and running have remained a constant.

I became interested in Development Studies after doing a module, Sociology of Development in my undergrad. It was very critical of development, as it should be, however, coming from a science background, I had never studied Economics  or History and Politics. So, when I found out about this subject from a professor, I went for it out of sheer academic curiosity. 

What's living in Oxford like?

Even though I've lived away from home for quite a while now, the first 2-3 days until the orientation week started were difficult. However, once I got busy with the course and socialising, Oxford felt like home, the weather had a lot to do with it, the scenic beauty reminds me of Kashmir a lot! I have the privilege of doing a course with students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, so the discussions in class and beyond are very interesting and critical. A lot is going on any given day here, which provides one the opportunity to engage in ideas related to her/his course or ones outside the bounds of curriculum. 

To take a break from academics, one can do some sightseeing, have food in historic cafes and of course my favourite, run through the Christ church Meadow!

- Hubiba from India, studying Development Studies at Oxford

Venla's Story

Do you have any tips for Oxford applicants?

My top tip for applicants is to get with touch with students from your country at Oxford, who can best help with the application process. Also, what I personally found very useful was doing the IB and getting used to both the analytic essay writing and studying in English, which is not that extensively possible in the national Finnish curriculum. In the very end, I would just say that trust yourself and really put effort in the application process; I know it takes a lot of time, but in the end the reward of getting in is more than worth it!

- Venla from Finland, studying economic at Oxford

Wojciech's Story

How did you decide to apply to Oxford? 

Oxford seemed to be an excellent choice from many perspectives - it ran a great engineering department, seemed to have a very enjoyable atmosphere and was accessible financially.

How did you find the application process? 

The interviews were challenging, but fun. Definitely prepare for them! Know your proofs and the standard formulae. It's not imperative that you know those to succeed, but it definitely helps. Studying in the UK has been amazing, eye opening and challenging in so many different ways, including in non-academic ways.

- Wojciech from Poland, studying Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford

Małgorzata's Story

What did you think was the most confusing part of the Oxford application process? 

Interviews. There are far too many resources that will mention something like "Tell me about a banana". I have never heard of anyone who got interview questions like this. Most of the time you will be asked questions related only to the subject you want to study. Sometimes the question will be abstract, because they want to see the way you think. This is why it is important to show them your thought process. Don't be stressed. Most tutors will do everything for you to feel relaxed, it is not in their interest to stress you, they want to see the best in you. If you don't understand something - ask questions. Is there anything you always wanted to know? Interview is the time when you can ask one of the world's best professors in this field. Use this time.

- Małgorzata from Poland, studying Biochemistry at Oxford