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Weiheng's Story

Why did you decide to study at LSE and how have you found it? 

The economics course at the LSE is world-leading. A few key factors played into my decision to go there.

Firstly, the opportunity to study there would be academically challenging and the opportunities to work with high-caliber individuals from the student population and the teaching body is valuable. Next, the LSE brand name is a plus point for employers, especially in the financial sector which I am interested in. Another important reason for going to the LSE is that the international environment and experience will prepare me well for an international career, but that takes effort on the individual's part.

With regard to applying and getting in, it goes without saying that the LSE is a highly competitive school. However, preparing in advance can help significantly. Working hard for good grades are a given, but emphasis should also be placed on extracurricular activities and the ability to write and present oneself. Those are key skills to communicate your talents and competencies effectively during the application process. Speaking to teachers or seniors can also help, especially those who have studied abroad before or specifically at the school or course you are interested in.

Finally, studying abroad has been both what I expected and did not expect. The international experience and personal freedom belong to the former, while the actual lack of time to travel and enjoy the city belongs to the latter. Getting in is only the first part, working hard to achieve in the areas of academics, careers and extracurriculars such as clubs and societies is the next big challenge. Good luck!

- Weiheng from Singapore, studying Economics at LSE