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Hubiba's Story

Tell us about yourself!

Hey there! I am Hubiba. I come from Kashmir and spent most of my teenage years there. I did my high school and undergrad from New Delhi. Although a lot of my interests have changed one the years but the love of reading and running have remained a constant.

I became interested in Development Studies after doing a module, Sociology of Development in my undergrad. It was very critical of development, as it should be, however, coming from a science background, I had never studied Economics  or History and Politics. So, when I found out about this subject from a professor, I went for it out of sheer academic curiosity. 

What's living in Oxford like?

Even though I've lived away from home for quite a while now, the first 2-3 days until the orientation week started were difficult. However, once I got busy with the course and socialising, Oxford felt like home, the weather had a lot to do with it, the scenic beauty reminds me of Kashmir a lot! I have the privilege of doing a course with students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, so the discussions in class and beyond are very interesting and critical. A lot is going on any given day here, which provides one the opportunity to engage in ideas related to her/his course or ones outside the bounds of curriculum. 

To take a break from academics, one can do some sightseeing, have food in historic cafes and of course my favourite, run through the Christ church Meadow!

- Hubiba from India, studying Development Studies at Oxford