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Wojciech's Story

How did you decide to apply to Oxford? 

Oxford seemed to be an excellent choice from many perspectives - it ran a great engineering department, seemed to have a very enjoyable atmosphere and was accessible financially.

How did you find the application process? 

The interviews were challenging, but fun. Definitely prepare for them! Know your proofs and the standard formulae. It's not imperative that you know those to succeed, but it definitely helps. Studying in the UK has been amazing, eye opening and challenging in so many different ways, including in non-academic ways.

- Wojciech from Poland, studying Engineering and Computer Science at Oxford

Kaushik's Story

How did you decide what you were going to study at university? 

I was interested in studying Operations Research, and there are only a handful of colleges in the US that offer such a major. Cornell was one of these, with a well-known department. After doing some research, I figured out that it was one of the more popular engineering majors there, with this high demand probably meaning that the quality of instruction was of standard. So I applied to Cornell. The application includes an essay where you write about your passion for engineering. I wrote about some Operations Research related ideas I had that could be implemented to make city transport and urban life more efficient. After entering Cornell, I was required to take a few Computer Science courses as part of the engineering curriculum. Through taking these courses, I realised that I also had a passion for Computer Science, and decided to expand my interests in that direction, eventually majoring in both Operations Research and Computer Science.

- Kaushik from Singapore, studying Engineering at Cornell