Niamh's Story


What was the application process like? Do you have any advice for prospective applicants?

The process is reasonably long but straightforward. It includes writing a personal statement, a further statement, a questionnaire, an interview and a written test. However, do not let this intimidate you! To improve your application, make sure you read lots around your subject and keep up to date with current affairs so you will have something to write and talk about. Treat the interview as a mock supervision - they just want to see what you would be like to teach.

How are you finding your experience at Cambridge so far?

Overall I am really enjoying my time here at Cambridge. The workload, whilst significantly more than other universities, is manageable and I found the level of difficulty fine. It is intense because terms are only eight weeks long, however the upshot of this is the long holidays! There are so many opportunities at your grasp and also some time for a social life.

- Niamh from London, studying anthropology at Cambridge