Kaushik's Story


How did you decide what you were going to study at university? 

I was interested in studying Operations Research, and there are only a handful of colleges in the US that offer such a major. Cornell was one of these, with a well-known department. After doing some research, I figured out that it was one of the more popular engineering majors there, with this high demand probably meaning that the quality of instruction was of standard. So I applied to Cornell. The application includes an essay where you write about your passion for engineering. I wrote about some Operations Research related ideas I had that could be implemented to make city transport and urban life more efficient. After entering Cornell, I was required to take a few Computer Science courses as part of the engineering curriculum. Through taking these courses, I realised that I also had a passion for Computer Science, and decided to expand my interests in that direction, eventually majoring in both Operations Research and Computer Science.

- Kaushik from Singapore, studying Engineering at Cornell