Screening Officer

Job Description

As the Screening Officer for Project Access you will be responsible making sure that we help the most disadvantaged students.

You will be part of creating the framework for who we should accept to our program and who not together with all the country teams

Are you fair and have an eye for detail? Do you have an interest in systems and tech? Want to be responsible for screening for a global organisation? Should also have interest in automation and scalability.


  • Coordinate the matching criteria for all PA’s country teams

  • Able to execute and approve matches for the entire PA organization

  • Find ways to automate and innovate the eligibility criteria while keeping it fair

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Matching Officer

Job Description

As the Matching Officer you will be responsible for mentor and mentee matching. This one of our the core functions within Project Access and is a big thing of what we do.

Are you a good systematic worker? Do you have an interest for tech platforms and algorithms? Then this is the position for you.


  • Be able to keep an global overview of matches and improve the global framework in how we do matches

  • Problem solving and bug spotting

  • Find improvements to the matching algorithm and the platform

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Tracking & Engagement Officer

Job Description

As the Tracking & Engagement Officer you will be dealing with customer service and track the responses we get from mentors and mentees. Also help to develop tracking engagement, survey research, analyse matching data and deal with customer service.


  • Tracking Engagement

  • Survey Research

  • Analyse Matching Data

  • Customer Service for mentees and mentors

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Content Officer

Job Description

As the Content Officer you will responsible for creating and checking the content we send out to our mentors and mentees.

We do a lot of communication via email and we need to make sure that we send out top quality emails, and that they are well integrated with the Mentorship Platform


  • Spotting and dealing with content issues

  • Creating new content

  • Figuring out when and how the content should be sent out

  • Integration with the platform

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