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Module 20: Approaching referees

Do you want to learn how to best approach a referee? Or do you want to know what a reference should contain? Check out this module below.

Module 19: Getting started on your personal statement

Writing a personal statement may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! The hardest part is getting started, which we will be helping you with today. Thinking about this now already puts you one step ahead of the crowd.

Module 18: Diving into your favourite subject

Top universities will be expecting you to demonstrate love of your subject, but how can you do this? Explore masterclasses that help you pinpoint your favourite subject. Dive into the depths of the internet to become an expert.

Module 16: Applying to summer experience

The summer is a really good time to get a head start on your university application. One of the ways you can improve your personal statement and really show your passion for your subject is through summer experience.

Module 15: Reducing pressure

Let’s reduce some pressure and talk about many paths you have, shall we?

We're in it together!

Module 14: Narrowing down subject choices

The subject choice is a very important, but rewarding step on your journey. Let’s talk about what you love, shall we?

Module 10: Study Methods

Crafting a good application for a top UK university takes a bit of work. That's why the first module is dedicated to help you get the most out of studying, whether it's for doing homework, preparing for exams, or perhaps interviews/tests down the road.

You got this!