Widening Participation teams often do a great job with outreach, but there tends to be little follow-up with the students after this initial contact with the university. Project Access has developed a personalised content series that follows up with potential applicants for up to two years before they apply (from December of Year 11).

We call this the Journey.


How it works


Are you looking to do more follow-up on your outreach efforts?

You’ve come to the right place - that’s what we do best.


When you sign up for Project Access, we start by gathering up to 300 stories from your current students on different issues ranging from what it was like to apply to a highly selective university from a state-school, what they like about their subject, and life at university. These stories focus on keeping that spark alive which made a student attend your outreach event in the first place. Using behavioural insights 'nudging' we work to make sure students follow through on their ambitions.




The Journey compiles trustworthy information on the application process into clear action points that the applicant receives right when they need to act on them. This includes information on everything from choosing A-levels, a set of template emails for prospective medicine students applying for work experience, and a revision timeline for A-levels.


The right information - at the right time.

We help your applicants navigate the jungle of information about university applications and decrease the amount of information they have to go through to only include things that are relevant to their preferences.



Tailored to your university

When you sign up for Project Access, we tailor the Journey to your university to provide extra insight about courses, student life and the academic culture of your institution!


When you sign up, we will work together with your Widening Participation team to create a plan for what information the students should receive about your university and when. We will also go out and source up to 300 stories from your current students, so that we can make the content as tailored as possible when it goes out to the applicants you reach.




Can we improve?

Well, we won't know until we've looked at the data. We collect the necessary data to help you identify areas where you can improve your outreach work.


Throughout the Journey we gather information on attitudes to university, changing subject preferences, and on which factors affect students during the application process. We also ask them for which outreach event they attended that brought them to the Journey so that we can provide information on what the conversion rate was for each event. The data is then anonymised and sent back to you, so that you can easily evaluate your outreach work.

What students say about our Journey

It was so nice to hear stories from current students and find out that I’m not unique in being worried. The stories also showed me what I have to look forward to if I get in, which is really motivating!
I now know that it’s normal to feel that Cambridge is not for people like me, but that this doesn’t necessarily make it true. Amy’s advice on how to deal with these thoughts was really helpful.
I really liked hearing from Kyra who is studying Law, which is the subject I most want to do if I get in. I hope I can get there too!


Want to experience the Project Access Journey from an applicant's perspective?


Step into the shoes of Jason, a prospective medicine applicant about to write his personal statement

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