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Did you know that Project Access is free for students?

Get your high-achieving students the extra help they to reach their dream university by directing them to our Journey

At Project Access we know that high-performing students from disadvantaged backgrounds often under-match when it comes to their university choices.

There are thousands of students every year with stellar A-level results who do not include highly selective universities in their UCAS choices.

We are here to help them find out what they can achieve.


From our experience of mentoring over 2,000 students we have learned a lot about the thought processes that students go through when applying to university.

The Journey anticipates the doubts, worries and barriers that students face and send them information and stories for navigating the process.

By sending personalised content about the university and course that students are most interested in, the Journey makes these aspirations seem more achievable.


Breaking it into manageable bits

Our Journey is divided into modules starting in Year 11 and covers everything a student needs to know when applying to a top university. 


What students think about our Journey

I really liked hearing from Kyra who is studying Law, which is the subject I most want to do if I get in. I hope I can get there too.
I now know that it’s normal to feel that Cambridge is not for people like me, but that this doesn’t necessarily make it true. Amy’s advice on how to deal with these thoughts was really helpful.
It was so nice to hear stories from current students and find out that I’m not unique in being worried. The stories also showed me what I have to look forward to if I get in, which is really motivating!
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Screening Criteria for UK Applicants


Students from the UK need to fulfil at least two of the following criteria: 

Your family income is under £25,000

You live in a region in the bottom 2 POLAR quintiles

Your parents or guardians did not attain a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

You have attended state school only since the age of 11

Read more about the Journey and sign up here!

Receive a template email about the Journey that you can send out to students who you think would be interested! 

In this way, you will not have to submit any data about the student, and we leave it up to them whether they want to sign up or not.

We think that they will.

Experience our Journey in action

Step into the shoes of Jason, a prospective medicine applicant, by clicking the picture below