Domestic Applicants Programme Strategist – US


As Domestic Applicants Programme Strategist for the United States you will be in charge of identifying the key access problems in the United States and formulating a business strategy of (a) solving the access problem for the domestic US market and (b) leveraging US activities to attract funding to Project Access.

This role is at the intersection of operations and business development, key for driving our mission to help applicants from untraditional backgrounds around the globe and reaching a state of financial sustainability. The focus is on admission to Ivy League schools in particular.

Join the Operations Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • researching the access problem in the US by drawing on recent studies and doing market research

  • creating a network of contacts in the access sphere in the US

  • liaising with leading universities and businesses to identify potential revenue streams

  • setting requirements for product and content development for US market

  • creating organisational and business plan for US market

  • independent, driven and ambitious

  • working closely together with US country team to identify current pains and development opportunities; feedback this to Project Access International

Key Requirements

  • strong analytical and research abilities

  • background in business or management studies desirable

  • background or experience in management consulting desirable

  • strong networking skills

  • familiarity with access problem in the US

Why You Should Choose this Role

  • develop business model for a nonprofit for largest world economy

  • gain experience relevant in strategy consulting, business development and edtech sector

  • possibility and “a mission” to create network of advisors and senior leaders of top businesses and universities

  • large degree of freedom, independence and room to prove not only analytical skills but also creativity and shape our long-term development in the US

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