EdTech Expert


As EdTech Expert it will be your task to source technologies that help us achieve our mission of helping applicants from untraditional background with their university application on scale. 

Technology enables us to reach more people more efficiently and it will be your task to identify the right technologies from a learning and teaching perspective. We want our tools not only to look cool but also to be used and effective.

Join the Operations Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • independently research the EdTech market for ideas on how to improve or supplement our portfolio of services

  • assess current portfolio of services on effectivity and devise plans on how to improve effectiveness

  • ideate new low-cost interventions to maximise our impact

Key Requirements

  • background in psychology, pedagogics or didactics desirable

  • interest in EdTech

  • willingness to communicate heavily with external entities, representing project access

  • strong conceptual skills and ability to formulate workflows and deal with complexity

Why You Should Choose this Role

  • opportunity to potentially pave the way to success for thousands of underprivileged, talented young people around the globe

  • teamwork experience at the intersection of technology, science and learning

  • get overview of state of the art in edtech industry

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