Head of Knowledge Base


Project Access would like to build the world's best Knowledge Base for access to the leading universities in the world, powered by the super cool AI-tool Gluru! A bit like Google for studies at top unis - just with a really really high quality of information!

If you are eager to lead this truly exciting effort, this is your opportunity to help a lot of people in a really scalable way!

As the Head of Knowledge Base, you will work closely with your team in producing stellar content. The Knowledge Base is a part of our new Innovation team, where you will be working with three other teams, aiming to make the different products work together, such that the potential of our efforts is maximised!

Beyond the innovation team, you will also be in touch with our Product Team and our Digital Marketing folks to make sure that the quality content that we produce will be on the top of Google before you're able to say Blueberry Pie! 

In our Knowledge Base team you will be able to work on both the tech-side and the content-side:

On the tech-side you will be working on SEO, on implementation of the underlying AI-tool Gluru and on tracking how students use the knowledge base to make sure that we continuously update it in accordance with the demand.

On the content-side you will be working on creating world-class content in form of short articles, videos, infographics and other content-pieces that can help students navigate the jungle of information linked to applying and studying at a top-university.

In short, we want to build that Knowledge Base you dreamt about when you were applying to unis yourself!

The position is unpaid. If you got any questions, email our Director of Innovation at andreas.snekloth@projectaccess.org

Apply here! 🚀