Product Design Officer


Are you passionate about intuitive & beautiful user interfaces? You’ve heard about “design-thinking” before? And you care about consistent brand appearance and corporate identity?

As part of our product team, the Product Design Officer will ensure our users love our product because of its intuitive, appealing and user-friendly design. You’ll be in charge of ensuring a consistent design principle guides all our products and services, and that they’re integrated with our core mentoring platform in a seamless manner.

The Product Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • developing and implementing design and CI standards for our products and services,

  • developing and ensuring the implementation of user-friendly design standards in our mentoring platform and for the services our country teams provide,

  • integrating new features and services seamlessly in existing product frameworks

Experience & Interests

  • No specific experience is required for this role. However, you should have a keen interest in:

  • design thinking

  • developing, communicating and implementing design standards

  • product development

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