Business Development Services Officer


Are you interested in building the technological resources that help our sales-team drive revenue and stay on top of enquiries from partner institutions? Are you passionate about the latest CRM technologies (customer relations management) and modern marketing strategies (e.g.: inbound marketing)?

As Business Development Services Officer, you’ll be in charge of setting up a CRM software to ensure we can run our mentoring platform sustainably in the long run. Your role will be crucial for making handovers smooth in an organisation with an incredibly high turnover rate and thereby crucial for future successes.

The Product Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • itentifying and setting up a CRM tool (first for central, then also for country teams) (Most likely: Microsoft Dynamics)

  • creating and communicating standard sales procedures and automating them using the CRM software

  • maintaining the CRM platform and adding new functionality for customer service programmes, in collaboration with the User Experience Officer

Experience & Interests

  • Previous experience with Microsoft Dynamcis would be useful, but isn’t required. Required skills are:

  • understands what a CRM platform is and how it could benefit project access

  • willing to learn about managing a CRM platform and defining sales processes

  • interested in business development

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