Workflow and Automation Officer


Are you interested in improving the work- and dataflows in a multinational organisation? Do you want to expand your knowledge of how to use technology and AI to help our work run smoothly, effortlessly, efficiently and yet securely?

As Workflow and Automation Officer, you’ll be in charge of defining, implementing and communicating all standard processes of work across the project access organisation, helping our volunteers to achieve their goals efficiently and with the help of up-to-date technology. You’ll be sourcing and implementing the tools we need to get work done, quickly. 

The Product Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • identify and optimise standardised workflows across the organisation (for example: onboarding procedures)

  • ensure our 200+ team members across project access have correct access level to data and that they find resources easily

  • source and implement the tools we need to manage our workflows

Experience & Interests

  • No specific experience is required for this role. However, you should have a keen interest in:

  • tech consulting

  • business operations

  • workflow optimisation

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