Head of Operational Agility


Do you want to be in charge of ensuring the efficient flow of data for 200+ volunteer team members? Are you interested in structuring the complexity of sharing knowledge across our growing teams whilst ensuring data security in a multinational organisation?

This is a unique opportunity to implement your skills at system-thinking, organisational design and data security, using professional software, such as the Microsoft Enterprise Suite. You’ll be responsible for making data, files and documents accessible to all project access teams around the world and think of a smart and efficient way of disseminating information across the organisation.

The Product Team

The Role

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategically design and manage data flow and storage processes, that maintain agility and scope for fast innovation across the organisation, and that are compliant with GDPR requirements.

  • Design and implement data access levels for members of project access.

  • Develop and formulate data treatment policies for project access internally that correspond to our high ethical standards.

Experience & Interests

  • No specific experience is required for this role. However, you should have a keen interest in:

  • tech consulting

  • business operations

  • data security

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