Mentor Communications Officer


The Team: Mentorship Engagement

Do you want to be engaged in connecting our awesome people all around the globe and giving them something in return for the amazing work they do? You’ll be working right at and with the core of our organisation – our mentors. As our network grows, we want to make sure to take everyone along on the thrilling journey. Working with Project Access should equally take the organisation closer to its vision and our members closer to their goals.

As a team member in our Mentor Engagement Team, you will specifically be working on the value proposition for our mentors and the way they shape our organisation. This is a brand-new team, so work isn’t set in stone yet and there’s a lot of scope for you to shape what we do, but that will definitely include improvement of our communications with mentors, setting up awesome and creative socials and whatever other ideas we can come up with.

Furthermore, we want to help increase the transparency of Project Access and our performance. This will not only make everyone more aware of the bigger picture and where our journey is heading but will ultimately also provide Project Access with some valuable back-up figures in negotiations with external parties

We would love to have you on board so if you can see yourself in any of the following roles, don’t hesitate to apply!

The role: Mentor Communications Officer

Our mentors are such awesome people with exciting stories and talents! We want to take them along on the journey and give them a sense of the bigger picture and where Project Access is heading. Your role will revolve exactly around that – the dialogue with our mentors. When and how should communications take place? How can we best develop a dialogue? How can we keep our amazing people engaged as much as they want to be?

Key responsibilities:

Key responsibilities as Mentor Communications Officer will include but aren’t limited to:

·       Development of communications structures and content and their automation

·       Ideation and execution of new and creative ways to communicate

Experience and interests:

No prior experience is required for this role. Key skills include creativity, social competence and an eye for process development.

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