Journey Testing Officer


Are you a whizz when it comes to tech and data analysis? Are you passionate about delivering the best possible product to end-users? Are you interested in shaping our new ambitious tech product to potentially help thousands of students worldwide apply to their dream university?

The Journey team is looking for a Testing Officer to help with our new product. This includes:

  • Developing, executing, and evaluating the testing and quality assurance strategy for the Journey, in collaboration with fellow team members.

  • Collecting, evaluating and interpreting quantitative and qualitative feedback from Journey users.

  • Collaborating and communicating with the Journey Production Team to implement changes and create even better modules.

This is done with the aim of:

  • Identifying what the ideal Journey module looks like.

  • Working towards an understanding of how to maximise engagement with the Journey, and developing a system to match that understanding.

The Journey has been a project in the pipeline for a while, but was only launched a couple of months ago. We are entering an incredibly interesting time, as we will soon be getting a lot of new signups. This will allow us to gather a lot of data, and, importantly, figure out what works and what doesn’t. It’s time to find the best version of the Journey, and you could be a vital part of that!

But, hold on, what is the Journey?

The Journey is a digital tour guide for applying to universities in the UK. This is how it works: every few weeks the applicant receives a module with our top tips and exercises. They receive the modules when they need them, and they will have plenty of time to complete every to-do!

The Journey consists of roughly 45 modules sent to the applicants over a span of 2.5 years, but a student can join at any time they like. To see an example of a module click here.

One of the great things about the Journey is that it is super scaleable: students from all over the world can easily sign up and requires little extra from us.

Note: Prior experience in testing and data analysis is preferred but is not required.

For any questions, please email The position is unpaid.

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