Head of Project Access for Refugees


Are you passionate about furthering access to education for refugees and asylum seekers? We are looking for a an enthusiastic, culturally sensitive, and responsible candidate who is interested in being a Founder of Project Access for Refugees and guiding a team!


To succeed, you role will entail:

1) Create screening criteria to define the target mentee for the scheme

2) Outreach to schools/universities, NGOs, and other organisations in conflict zones/areas with large refugee populations to increase awareness of the program.

3) Recruit mentors at our target universities in the UK, including but not limited to students who have refugee backgrounds themselves.

4) Advertise the already available scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers in our UK target universities to as many qualified students apply as possible.

As a Team Leader in Project Access you will get access to our Global Leadership Summits and help shape the direction of our global movement. To help you succeed as the Head of Project Access for Refugees, the Global Team in Project Access will be ready to assist you on anything from amazing marketing and graphic design to a great mentorship experience design. Our movement is active in 21 countries already - join one of the world’s most entrepreneurial and impactful student movements!

We expect 5-7 effective hours of commitment per week - of course flexible within exam periods. The position is unpaid.

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NB: Though this is an unpaid position, it is a truly amazing opportunity to grow and learn, and to do your part in helping with the global refugee crisis.