Design & UX Member (OxbridgeHelp)


OxbridgeHelp is a new arm of Project Access International. We aim to transform access to Oxford and Cambridge by creating a free, crowdsourced knowledge hub for Oxbridge applicants.

We’re looking for a committed Cambridge undergraduate student to join our Core Team, in particular someone with skills in design and an enthusiasm for creating an exciting and immersive user experience.

What you’ll be involved in:

The Core Team currently consists of four Oxford undergrads. OxbridgeHelp is a cross-university movement, so we’d like to have a Cambridge student on the team to help shape its development. Although your focus will be on design and user experience, your role will also include being involved in OxbridgeHelp’s overall strategy, as well as helping to source content from other Cambridge students.

The team includes front-end and back-end web devs, so no coding experience is required for this role. You don’t need to be a UX expert (yet!) either - what matter are a passion for design and a willingness to spend time learning about how to build the best user experiences.

The position is unpaid, and will require a significant time commitment, especially during this Christmas vacation when we’re starting to build the site. But you’ll get the chance to apply your design skills to help transform access to Oxbridge.

For OxbridgeHelp to be successful, students have to enjoy using the site: the UX is crucial, and you could be the person who designs it!

Additional Questions:

In addition to completing the Application Form (Typeform), the following questions are mandatory for your application to be valid:

  1. Why are you interested in this role?

  2. What experience do you have in graphic design? (Pictures are welcome!)

  3. Attach a concept design for a particular section of our website called ‘Why to Oxbridge?’. It will include videos and short articles about why to apply to Oxford or Cambridge. (It doesn’t need to be perfect - please don’t spend more than an hour on this.)

Please submit your responses to Peter at with the following subject title “Application for Design & UX - (Name)”.